Effects of Fires

Feb 08

“We all know that fire accidents are among the most dreadful disaster anyone could ever experience. In fact, people say that being robbed is better than being a victim of a fire accident because when you get robbed, you still have a lot left, while in a fire accident, you may lose everything even your home. Faulty electrical wirings or unattended lamps or candles or children playing with matches are some of the major causes of fire accidents.

Those who have suffered from fire accidents have had psychological issues. These issues can be manifested in any of the following:

DREAMS ? Some of the most common problems of fire victims are recurrent dreams of the fateful incident they figured in. There have been many recorded stories of victims who say they are having repetitive dreams about the fire they experienced. Some of these victims are not able to sleep properly because they are always awakened by these dreams.

FEAR ? There are also people who develop certain phobias due to a fire accident they have experienced. Some would just scream and become uncontrollable when they see fire while others tend to cry or break down.

Here are a few ways to help fire victims overcome these problems:

COUNSELLING ? It is recommended that fire victims should undergo counseling. This is the most effective way for victims to cope with this painful ordeal. During the counseling program, victims are asked to talk about their experience so that they can learn to accept what happened and can learn to continue living their lives.

FUN ? Engaging in fun activities are also effective coping techniques. Those who are close to the victims can try to bring them to the beach. The cool breeze of the wind and the sound of the waves are very relaxing and can appease one’s emotions.

If you have a friend who has been traumatized because of a fire accident, it is best to keep this person company most of the time. This way, he or she can feel that they are not alone during this traumatic ordeal. Their recovery becomes faster as well.”

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